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Please Note. It is easy to mis-transcribe poor handwriting or pages that are in poor condition. There are some entries where it is impossible to categorically state what the word is, so make sure you look at all derivations of spelling.

For example:

Remember that names will have been spelt in many different ways throughout the centuries, so look at every possible spelling of the name you are interested in.

DATABASE CONTENTS [as at 21st November 2011]

Callington Parish

St Maryís Churchyard [completed 1988] Civic Cemetery [completed 1987], Plymouth Brethren and Kelly Bray Methodist Church.

Linkinhorne Parish

St Melor's churchyard [completed 1986]. Upton Cross, St Paulís churchyard [completed 1986]. Rilla Mill Methodist [completed 1986], Darley Ford [not complete].

Pillaton Parish

Memorials for the parish church only completed in 1986 on site.

St Dominic

Memorials for the parish church of St Dominica completed in 1986 on site

St Ive

St Ivoís churchyard [Old Section completed 2004 excluding about six fallen etc.], Pensilva, [about half the old section done].

St Mellion

Memorials for the parish church only completed in 1988 on site.

South Hill

St Sampsonís churchyard [completed 1986]. Golberdon Methodist burial ground [completed 1986].

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