South Hill Parish






CALLILAND MANOR Manor Roll of Free Tenants 1607


Chief Rents   Michms 1809
Details of sums paid have been omitted
Tenants Tenements
John Coryton Esq. Moiety of Durnaford & Frogwell
William Poade Esq. Moiety of Dupath
John Knill Esq. Tregunnett
Lord Clinton Pengelly
Prideaux Esq. A tenement in Pengelly
R Doidge Gent A tenement in Ditto
William Colman Gent Causland and Corneal
Horndon Esq. Lower Trewassick
Francis Manaton Esq. Higher Ford
William Poad Esq. A tenement in Thupath
Walter Colman Gent Higher Trewassick
Lord Clinton Hay
Lord Clinton Ditto
William Poade Esq. Bigberry
Francis Manaton Esq. East Parke
James Jope Causland and Corneal
Mr John Perne Baddiford
Heirs of Elizabeth Trehane Ditto
Mr John Grills Trefennick
Heirs of Elizabeth Trehane Ditto
Heirs of John Foote Two tenements in Trefennick
Horndon Esq. Venn
Heirs of Sampson Deacon Ditto
Francis Manaton Esq. Maders
Francis Manaton Esq. Another tenement in ditto
Mr Thomas Peck Whitley and Three Penny Lawn
Trelawny Esq. Part of Mitchells tenement in Trevagro
John Knill Esq. Bullands tenement in ditto
Miss Mary Kerswell Part of Gays tenement in ditto
Mr George Body Blights tenement in ditto
Mr James Jope Another part of Gays tenement in Ditto
Mr John Poad Caddipit
Ditto Pillars Alders
Mr James Jope Combe Lawn and part of Pillars Alders
John Moyle Esq. Trevalland
Overseers of South Hill Coombe
Mr George Body Tremavin
Mr Humphrey Grigg Ditto
Mr Francis Fox Lower Penquite
Miss Mary Kerswell Penwarden
Mr John Body Ditto
Mr James Bennick Ditto
Mr John Mitchell Caster Mill
Ditto Berryow
Mrs Catherine Tythe Trewoodlah
Mr William Herring Ditto
Mr John Bowhay Ditto
Mr John Pearen Ditto
Mr William Crabb Ditto
Mr William Trehane Stockedon
John Body Lansuggle
Mr William Crabb Ditto
Mr Sampson Lucas Ditto
Mrs Mary Oliver Mornick
Mr Thomas Webb Ditto
Mr Philip Trehane Ditto
John Luke Esq. Ditto
Mr John Moorshead Ditto
Francis Manaton Esq. Lower Ford
Francis Boucham Esq. Coombe
William Moon Esq. Colquite
John Coryton Esq. Frogwell Mills
Mr John Dawe Sleva Meva and Crawell Down
Heirs of John Grigg Ditto
John Coryton Esq. Cholwill
Horndon Esq. Ditto
Rev. John Jope Ditto
Edward Elliott Esq. Upham
Mr William Donys Trewallack (or Trewullack)
John Luke Esq. Kerson
Stroud Esq. Cross
Stroud Esq. Venn
William Moone Gent Bearland
John Coryton Esq. Higher Penquite
Grandvelle Esq. Lower Penquite
Heirs of Jas. Hockin Swains Meadow
Stroud Esq. Coombe and Nullacombe
Mr James Jope Senr. Gosseps tenement in Callington
Mr William Crabb Newport

Manor of Callyland Two Parts

A Rental of all such Manor Lands and Tenements as are within the said Manor of Callyland  1806 (CRO N250-64)


Free Tenants

(Details of rents owed, arrears, etc. have been omitted)

Land Owner



Parish of Callington
John Coryton Esq. George Best Manor of Durnaford and Frogwill
William Poade Esq. Wm Pode Esq. Manor of Thupath
Lord Clinton Harry Bryant and others Pengelly
Rev John Jope & Jno Prideaux Esq Richard Doidge Tenement in Do
Richard Doidge Richard Doidge Tenement in Do
Willm Pode Esq. Wm Pode Esq. A tenement in Thupath
Revd. Jno Sargenat Revd John Sareent Haye
Revd. John Jope Willm Wearing Do
Francis Beachem Esq. Richard Doidge Coombe
William Moone Gent Richd Rogers Colquit
John Coryton Esq. Sampson Hoare Frogwell Mills


William Crabb Newport (lives John Bowhay & Wm Crabb)
James Jope Gossips
Parish of South Hill
John Knill Esq. Jonas Sleeman Tregonnott
H F Manaton Esq. Willliam Snell Higher Ford & Trewoodla
Richd Hamlyn Higher Trewassick
Col. Horndon Lower Trewassick
Heirs of Frs Manaton Esq. Thos Rake Ellot East Parke
Col. Horndon Baddiford
Heirs of Elizth Trehayne Do
Col. Horndon Trefinnick
Heirs of Elizth Trehayne Do
Heirs of John Foote Two tenements in Do
Col. Horndon Ven
Heirs of Sampson Deacon Ven
Heirs of Frs Manaton Esq. Mrs Webber Meaders
Rd. Garland Rd Garland now Ellot Do
Hugh Hewitt & Thos Peake Willm Hewit Whitley & Three Penny Lawn
Sams Johns Part of Mitchells tenements in Trevagro
John Knill Esq. Bullards Do in Do
Miss Mary Kerswell John Searle Part of Grays tenements in Do
George Body Blights tenements in Do
James Jope Snr another pt of Grays in Do
John ?od?tt?? John Henwood Caddapit
John ?od?tt?? Do Pillars Alders
James Jope Jnr Coomb Lawn & Pillars Alders
Sin Jos Copley John Adams Trewalland
Overseers of South Hill Sam. Laundry Combe
George Body Treavin
Benjamin Symons Do
Miss Mary Kerswell Willm Wenmouth Penwarden
John Body Do
Capt Luke Do
John Mitchell Richd Ball Caster Mills
Do John Shipman Berryowe
Heirs of Mrs C Tythe Wm Crabb Trewoodla
Joseph Gartrell Jas. Gartrell Do
John Bowhay Do
John Davey Jas. Mutton Do
William Crabb Do
Stephen Trehane Stockadon
John Body Lansuggle
William Crabb Lansuggle
Col. Horndon Do
Mary Olver Mornick
Thomas Webb Do
Phillippa Trehane Do
John Lukely Do
John Morshead Do
Heirs of Frs Manaton Esq. Joseph Gartrell Lower Ford
William Moone Gent William Moone Bearland
Stroud Esq. Wm Rogers Comb & Nulacomb
Parish of St Ive
Frans Fox Wm Cock Lower Penquite
John Dawe John Dawe Sleva Meava & Crevil Down
Heirs of John Grigg Sleva Meava & Crevil Down
John Coryton Esq. Cholwill
Col. Horndon Col. Horndon Do
Rev Jno Jope & Jno Prideaux Esq. John Vosper Do
Edward Elliot Esq. Beatrice Dawe Upham
Mr William Doney Trevallack
John Luke Esq. Keason
Revd Stroud Esq. Cross
Revd Stroud Esq. Venn
John Coryton Esq. } Higher Penquite
John Snell }   John Snell Lower Penquite
Glanville Esq. } Lower Penquite
Heirs of James Hoskin Swains Maid
Parish of St Dominick
Walter Colman Gent Cawsland & Cornel
William Pode Gent Bigbury pt of Westcott
James Jope Cawsland & Cornel


Cornwall Record Office N261

Manor of Callyland Two Parts of a Rental of all such Manor Lands & Tenements so are within the said Manor of Callyland together with other Royalties & Privileges belonging to the said Manor 1791

Free Tenants Pay per year
Manor & tything of Durniford & Frogwell John Coryton Esq in arrears Michs 91 0.  5.  0.
Manor of Thupath John Coad Esq 17yrs do  -   2.  10
Tregonnett John Horill? Esq 10 yrs  do -   -   4
Pengelly Earl Orford 20 yrs   do -   -   11½¼
     do       do       do -     -    10
     do Revd Jn Tope of Prideaux Esq.  11 yrs   do -    -   11½¼
     do Richd Doidge Gent 8 yrs    do -     -    10
Causland of Cornele Richd Colman Esq. 20 yrs    do -     -    4
Higherford The Heirs of Joan Manaton 1 yr   do 3     -
Dupath         do    of Killigrew Esq 1 yr   do -     -    10
Higher Triwassick    ----------- Colman Esq 1 yr   do 1   -   9
Lower         do The Heirs of Frans Manaton Esq 4 yr   do 1 ----------
Hay The Earl of Orford 20 yr   do 3.   4
 do Revd Jn Tope 18   do 4
Colstick Stepn Trehane Gent  nothing paid nil
Bigbury John Poad Esq 1 yr   do 1 --------
Causland of Cornele James Tope Gent 1   do ---------  6
East Park The Heirs of Frans Manaton Esq 18 yr   do 9
Upham Edwd Elliott Esq  1 yr in arrears Michs 91 --   --   7¾ 
Trevallock Wm Doney 1 yr   do 1   --   ¾ 
Keason John Luke Esq    do
(missing) oss The Heirs of Dodson Esq 7 yr   do
Ven         do           do 1 yr   do 9¾ 
Higher Penquite John Coryton Esq    do 11½¼
   do Heirs of Wm Bond Esq 14 yr   do 11½¼
Swainsmaid Heirs of Jas Hoskin             No information could be got where it is --   4     
Lands annexed to the Manor of Callyland

£0   6  --- ¾ 

Gossips Tenement Jas Jope 2 yrs in arrears 

--   18     ¾ 

to Michaelmas 91 at 10 per yr 

--     15    3¾ 

---------------     £1  --------------

1    4    7½

Newport      do           Wm Crabb           do

£3 .  4  .  ---¾ 
Manor of Callyland Two Parts   Customary & Conventionary Tenants as Follows
Baddaford Thhe Heirs of Wm Hooper 1 yr  in arrear Michs 91 ------ 5½
     do Elizh Trehane 1 yr    do ------ 5½
Trefinnick Sampson Grills 1 yr    do -------- 5
    do Elizh Trehane 18 yrs   do ------ 1½
    do The Heirs of John Foot 18 yrs   do ------ 5¾
    do Sampson Grills 1   do 1   1¾
    do The Heirs of John Foot 18 yrs   do 7¾
Ven         do 11    do 7¾
Maders The Heirs of Manaton Esq 1 yr    do 1   6 --
    do Late Pridiaux 8    do
Whitley & Three Penny Lawn Hugh Hewet 3    do
Trevagro part of Michells Chas Trelawning Esq 2yrs     do 4
Tenement   do The Heirs of Geo    Knill 20     do 1
                 do John Kerswell Gent 1    do 1
Blights Tenement George Body Gent 1    do 6
                do James Tope Gent 7    do 1 ----
                do Heirs of Geo Knill 20 yrs   do
Caddapet & Combe John Poad 1 yr   do
   do     Town Place    do 1    do 2
Coombe Lawn and Pillers Alders Jas Jope & Jn Sargant  15 yrs   do 4
Coombe The Overseers of Southill 14 yrs   do 4
Trenavin Humphrey Grigg 14 yrs   do
     do George Body 2 yrs   do
Lower Penquite Jonathan Rashleigh Esq         demanded 7 yrs but never paid 8¾
Penwarden John Kerswell Gent 1 yr  in arrear Michs 91 1  2½¼
      do     do         do 1   2½¼
      do     do         do 6
Penwarden John Body 1 yr  in arrear Michs 91 ---   ---  4
      do James Bennick         do 2
Trewalland Heirs of Moyle? Esq          do 11¼
Casters Mill Heirs of Jn Lampen Esq  2 yrs    do 1            
Berryow      do         do
Trewoodla Mrs Catherine Tyths 1 yr    do 6   
     do Rebecca Trehane         do 3¾
     do Heirs of John Trehane 10 yrs    do 3¾
     do John Bowhay 2   do
     do John Chaunter 1 yr    do 3¾
Stockeden Stephen Trehane      do 1 ----
     do            do        do 6
Lansuggle Sampson Beal 2 yrs    do
     do Benjamin Lucas       do
     do Wm Crabb       do 3
Mornick Sampson Trehane 1 yr    do 4
     do Thos Webb       do 3¾
     do Mary Olver      do 3
     do Jn Luke Esq      do 1    2
     do Stephen Trehane      do 7¾
Lower Ford Heirs of Manaton Esq 1 yr    do 1   1½
Combe Frans Beacham Esq 12 yr    do 1    10½
Colquite Wm Moon Esq 10 yr    do 10½
Frogwell Mills John Coryton Esq 17 yr    do 1   3    
Nova & Coevill Down            do 6 yr    do
Sleva Meva & Coevill Down John Daw 2 yr    do 1   ---  
     do 2 yr    do
Cholwell John Coryton Esq 1 yr    do 5
    do David Horndon Esq 18 yr    do 5
    do John George & John Jope 16 yr    do 5

£0  .  18  --  ¾

CALLILAND  MANOR Manor Roll of Free Tenants 1607

Courtney Library Ref: TA3 24  Original document, very fragile state, with edges and corners missing, writing not easy to decipher.

Calliland Manor 1607 

Free Tenants
Robart Wall? Veall? Knight holds the manors of durnaford and Frogwill and doth commons sute of Court  there and payeth therefore yearly
William Langdon gent holdeth  there the manors of Dupath and Tregonett by like of Court and paieth therefore yearly
John Trecarell now ............ holdeth one tenement? With his appurtances in Pengelley by sute of court and paieth fore yearly
Robery Rolle holdeth there one other ............ with his appurtances and under like ............  and yearly ............
The James Robart holdeth there one other ............ doth like sute and paieth yearly
John Crabbe holdeth likewise there one tenth by like sute of court and yearly rent
Edward Wearrington/ Wannyngton Esq. Holdeth in ............ tenth doth like sute  of court and payeth of yearly  the heires of Trevasike holdeth ............ vasirke the whole village there by ........... of court  and payeth therefore yearly
John Barry holdeth there one tenth ........... in West Haye by like sute of court and paieth yearly Holdeth in Cawsland one tenth doth like sute of court and payeth therefore yearly 

Paragraph I can’t read
(The amounts are missing as I couldn’t read any of them!)

John Lobbe for his land in Baddaford 
Henry Marton for his land there
John Bray for his land in Tesointh
William Grills for his land in Maders
Corner missing
possibly Deacon? For his land in Trevoy
Land in Maders
Land in Trevigrowe

2nd page

Wir?well Bulland for his land at Trevigowe
John Blighe for lands there
William Crabbe for lands in Cadapitt
John Crabbe for Cadapitt mylles
John Deacon for lands in Trewallande
Lawence Trehane for lands in Trenavyn
Wa............ Wulrudge for lands there
Nicholas Lethebye for lands in Penwarne
John Laundry for lands there
Sampson Tipper for lands there
John Souther for lands in Berry
Edmound Dunsridge for lands in Treroldons
John Pett for lands there
Sampson Stannton for lands there
Henry Grilles for lands in Fford
Henry Pers for lands in Landsuggell
John Hunkyn Gent  for lands in Stockdon
John Hoy for lands there
John Grilles for lands in Mornirk
Thomas Lethebye for lands there
Sampson Grilles for lands there
John Grilles for lands there
George Foot for lands there
Sampson Tipper for lands there
Henry Crabb for lands in ............
Henry ??owberry for lands in Kolquite
John Artland Knight for land in Frogwill mylles
The same John                    for lands in Cholwill
The same John for lands in Slowe
John Hunkyn for lands in Cholwill
Peter Grigge for land in Slowe
Peter Kinge for land in Trewallett
John Lobbe for land in Tupham
John Laundry for land in Penquite
John Trehawke for land in Penquite aforesaid
John Glanvile for land there
Thomas Dolson Gent for land in Ven
John Kempe for land in Roason
Richard Grilles for land  (missing corner)
Michaell Bullerne for land  (missing corner)